Mozilla (32-bit) 1.0


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Mozilla (32-bit) Review

" An open-source web browser and toolkit, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. "

The release of Mozilla version 1.0 meets all the expectations for a modern browser, with many features not found in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Mozilla's interface employs the standard browsing paradigm with forward, back, and refresh buttons, but it is skinnable, meaning you can download new looks for it. One feature that many surfers will find they can't live without is the ability to disable unrequested pop-up windows on Web sites. Mozilla also lets you open multiple browser windows and display multiple Web pages in a single tabbed window at the same time.

Mozilla performs well, loading pages quickly and making slightly less of an impact on system resources than Internet Explorer.

During installation you can choose to install all, some, or none of Mozilla's associated components. These include a decent mail and news client, and a chat client for IRC. Finally, Mozilla is absolutely free, with no built-in ad display or bundled adware.


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