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3.72 MB
License [?]:
$595.00 USD
Last Updated:
Phone, Faxing, Paging and Communication Tools Software
eDocfile Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
Microsoft Document Imaging, or Kodak Imaging or Picture and Fax Viewer
25-use trial.

Fax Router Review

" Software to efficiently distribute faxes by email, to a file folder or printer. "

Fax Router efficiently distributes faxes by email, to a printer or a file folder. A folder is monitored for incoming faxes, when a fax arrives a user quickly cycles through them, entering a shortcut that applies rules to the delivery of the fax. The fax can be emailed to a group, printed on a specific printer or printers and filed into a folder simply by entering a short cut. The faxes can also be converted to a PDF. Initially, designed for lawyers so that when a fax comes in, each legal assistant would be emailed a copy, it would be filed in a folder for the case and at the same time print on the lead attorneys printer, all by entering the client's name or case number.

What Fax Router Does:

Fax Router is designed to productively distribute facsimiles throughout an organization. This distribution can be via e-Mail, Moving to a File Folder on the Recipients Desktop, and Printing on one or more printers on the network. Regardless of the method chosen, Fax Router will quickly pay for itself over and over again. Fax Router:

* Quickly Cycles through all electronic facsimiles
* Converts Faxes to PDF Format
* With as little as 4 keystrokes Fax Router can process a fax
* Faxes can be emailed to a recipient, or group
* Faxes can be Printed on the recipients local printer
* Faxes can be Moved to Folder on the users PC, or a Personal Folder on the server
* Junk Faxes can be Deleted
* Faxes can be skipped for Later Processing
* Multiple Functions can be handled at once, e-Mailed, Printed and Moved
* A copy to an archive folder is automatically created
* Works with copiers that save facsimiles to a folder on the network


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