Cocomero FTP Checker 0.2


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Enfis The Paladin
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium II 500, 256MB RAM
Not available

Cocomero FTP Checker Review

" A C# (.NET) FTP Checker. "

This program is an FTP checker written in C# (.NET). Allows you to check a series of FTP servers and determinate in which state it is: extinguished, connection refused, no route to host, wrong username and password, FTP connection error, or all works fine. In case all works file, are visualized welcome message and login message too, in both text and ANSI VT100 format. More over you can save to disk or print to paper a report of the status of the outcome check of the FTP servers.

The program was written using a plugin architecture, which allows you to load an FTP server list to check and to save a report prospect, using .DLL files exteriors to the program. This allow to work with various file formats and even on various data sources (you could write a plugin which can read and save data across internet). With this system is offered the possibility to write plugin to anyone wants to make it, and expand the software as wished.

This version work fine but is in developing phase, hard work will have still to be made!


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