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302 KB
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Not available
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America Online
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
128MB RAM, Internet Explorer 6.0, 166MHz Pentium-class processor
Not available

America Online (AOL) Review

" Access the Internet with the latest version from this popular service provider. "

A leading Internet service provider (ISP) that provides users with access to both the Internet and special AOL content.

It offers several individual channels of content and features that cover topics such as news and entertainment.

Members can obtain up to seven e-mail addresses per account, as well as 10MB of personal home page space.

Buddy Lists and instant messaging features are also included. With an AOL account, you can utilize a vast array of chat rooms, message boards, and online stores.

Other features include online screening software, user profiles, and easy access to the Internet with AOL's own browser.

The installation utility simplifies setup by locating local dial-up numbers, finding your modem, and configuring your software. AOL provides hundreds of widespread dial-up numbers, many of which offer speeds of 56K.

AOL 9.1 helps you enjoy your favorite online activities -- browsing, email and IM -- more conveniently than ever before.

Features include:
- Ability to browse without sign-in for broadband users
- Unlimited email storage
- Instant news updates from the RSS feed reader on the toolbar

Note: Because of the high number of users on AOL's FTP server, the download link may not be available. If you receive an error message stating that access to the FTP server has been denied, please try again at a later time.

The Download Now link will download a 302 KB setup file to your computer. The full download may be more than 35MB depending on your current system configuration.


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