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$69.00 USD
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Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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MS IE 5.0+
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IE HTTP Analyzer Review

" An IE plug-in to analyze HTTP and HTTPS protocol directly in the browser window. "

IE HTTP Analyzer is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic and show a wide range of HTTP related information, Header, Content, Cookies, Query Strings, Post form Values directly in the browser window. The user interface of IE HTTP Analyzer has been carefully crafted to make it as easy to use as possible. It doesn't change your Windows system files and no device drivers or proxies have to be installed.

What does IE HTTP Analyzer do for you?
1. Performance Analysis and HTTP Diagnostics for Web application
2. Debug web application, know exactly what and when are sent and received
3. Detect bottlenecks and discover surprisingly slow parts of the web application by measuring download times, content length, caching or the number of network round trips
4. Verify that a secure web site is not issuing sensitive data in cookies or headers
5. Explore what the JavaScript on a web page is actually doing

Main Features
1. Integrate with IE, capture HTTP traffic directly in browser window
2. Dedicated to HTTP protocol, show a wide range of HTTP related information, request and response header, content, sent and received cookies, stream, query strings, post form values...
3. "Before request and after response" browser cache comparisons
4. Support HTTPS, show you unencrypted data sent over HTTPS / SSL connections
5. Organize HTTP/HTTPS Information into sessions for easy identification of requests and responses
6. Selectively clear caches and cookies which are related with HTTP/HTTPS sessions
7. MS Excel style data filtering, customize filter criteria against any data item
8. Automatic click-sorting against an unlimited number of columns, descending or ascending
9. Automatic data grouping - an extremely powerful data viewing and manipulation metaphor
10. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, color syntax highlighting
11. Instant help on HTTP status code
12. Export Grid to XML, MS Excel, HTML, Text


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