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IP, Ping and Trace Utilities Software
It Lights Software
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Visual Ping Review

" Visual replacement for the standard ping utility. "

FREE Visual replacement for the standard ping utility. Helps you monitoring TCP/IP targets, by sending echo requests and displaying the responses over a detailed list and a graph.

Using Visual Ping you can easy ping hosts either from the graphical user interface or from the command prompt. This utility is useful to check your connectivity with remote hosts, to see if your Internet connection works well or you have long time delays. You can see the pinging result in text mode and in graphic mode at the same time. These results are very detailed helping you to easy make the conclusions of the pinging process.

You can use the program from Command Prompt, by entering "vping" with or without parameters, or by running "vping" followed by parameters in the Start/Run box. The results and the graph can be saved into files, for further references.

Easy to use, predictable interface. Complete control of parameters. Detailed and complete results. Real time results of the pinging process. Very detailed results window Graph showing a visual state of the pinging process. Desktop and start menu launching. Command prompt launching. Command prompt launching WITH parameters. It's FREE.

It has a very friendly GUI, and it has all the functions of standard ping, and much more.


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