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574 KB
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Not available
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IP, Ping and Trace Utilities Software
Devolutions inc.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
.Net Framework 2.0
Not available

HTTP Spy .NET Review

" HTTP Spy .NET is an application used to trace HTTP requests. "

HTTP Spy .NET is a small application used to trace http request from a web site. HTTP Spy .NET will help you find any bottleneck, any error and it will help you analyzing your bandwidth usage. With it, you can inspect data in different views and discover secret from any web site.


* Light and easy to deploy (one executable only)
* Small (less than 2 meg)
* Rich and easy user interface
* Auto update
* Compatible with Windows XP/2k3/Vista
* Free (for personal uses)
* Monitor opened connection
* Log requests to file
* Flag request for an easier tracking
* Insert grid marker for an easier tracking
* View and clear log file
* Profile Url: content, size, http code...
* Get stats about Url (calls, duration, bytes in, bytes out)
* Get the size and the duration of the each request
* View request details for each connections
* Inspect request header or content
* Inspect response header or content
* Raw data view
* Hex data view
* Decompressed data view with supoprt of gzip and deflate
* Xml data view
* Image data View
* Summary data view
* View HTTP header details


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