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5.16 MB
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Not available
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File Sharing Software
eMule Morph Mod Team
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7
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eMule v0.49c
Not available

eMule 0.49c Morph Review

" Contains all the features from eMule and lots of extra features in one big package. "

Since eMule is open source, new features can be added to it. The programs that have undergone such modifications are called emule mods (modifications). The morph mod has ALL the features from eMule and more listed below. You do not need to run/install official eMule to use morph. Everything is in one big package. This is not a plugin, it is a complete replacement with lots of extra features.

1. Download
* Smart Category Control
Show full category name in 'Cat' column, Show the 'Select category' dialog, Add new downloads to categories using view filters, Default to the active category for new downloads, Automatically increment and assign linear priority, Download small files first (less than 150KB), Start # files when added to a new category

* Smart A4AF Control - Swapping, Advanced handling (Balanced, Stacked)

* Remaining time display
* Show download file in red/bold
* Source Load Saver
* Only download complete files v2.1
* Save Download file in a separate thread
* Global Hardlimit

2. Upload
* Smart Upload Control (SUC)
* Upload Speed Sense [zz]
* Dynamic Upload Switching
* Anti-Leecher
* Anti-Credit hack
* Partial SNAFU system
* Show Progress of client queue
* Infinite Queue
* Splitting Class Control
* SUQWT / Save Client Queue Wait Time
* Read file in async thread
* Slot limiter

3. Share
HideOS (Hide Overshare), Hide Over Share per file basis, Selective chunk sharing, Selective Chunk Sharing per file basis, Share only the need, Share Only The Need per file basis, Powershare [zz], auto powershare per file, Enable/Disable PowerShare internal File Priority, Avoid Miss using of PowerShare, Avoid Miss using of HideOS, Show Share Permission, Pay Back First, Prefer_Share_All Prefer Share All, Equal_Chance_For_Each_File, Known.met file expiration time, Downloaded History, SharedView Ed2kType, Fairplay

4. Update
Auto update ipfilter, Auto update fake check, Auto update iptocountry

5. Miscellaneous
Chunk dot in progress bar, Enabled Chunk dot in progress bar, fakecheck, IP to Country, Auto Backup & Double Backup, Plug and play UPnP - uPnP, Random Ports from emulEspana, Rating icon, Preferences Side Banner from TPT / Enable-Disable on the Fly / Banner Picture, Follow the majority


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