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Open Source
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File Sharing Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Vista
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eMule Plus Review

" An eMule compatible peer-to-peer file sharing client with improved user interface. "

eMule Plus is a free P2P file sharing client based on the original eMule. It is compatible with eMule.

eMule Plus has an improved graphic user interface with enhanced features.

eMule Plus features that are enhanced over eMule:
  • More user friendly and beautiful interface

  • Automated fake files checker

  • Automated file release control and supervision of different chunks spread.

  • Auto download lists

  • Country flags of a user

  • Fractional upload and download rates

  • Personalized keyboard shortcuts

  • Lancast to save bandwidth and increase download speeds in dual network capacity environments

This version supports huge files (up to 512GB), can update the server list from servers and clients, supports previewing encrypted RAR archives, and can configurate default file permission.

Other Key eMule Plus Features:
  • Static servers priority

  • Upload and download queue progress bar

  • Set destination directory for each download

  • Rating and comments of files

  • A4AF (Asked for Another File) Management

  • Store sources in a file that can be retrieved when your client is restarted

  • Unneeded sources removal when maximum sources limit for a file is reached

  • Download Queue Progress

  • Filename cleanup

  • Improved search and more info on search results

  • zz Upload System to prioritize uploading of full chunks while maximizing upload speed with trickle slots

  • Shell Menu

  • Small and Rare Files Boost

  • Double-click action for sources and files

  • Intelligent Chunk Request (ICR)

  • Smooth file completion

  • Messages and comments filtering

  • Show a range of possible values for the number of complete sources for the files currently sharing

  • Sources exchange disabling

  • Banning configuration

  • Customizable temporary directory for categories

  • Community sharing

  • Set multiple temporary directories

  • Download auto priority settings

  • Download all ed2k links in clipboard

  • Customizable Sorting

  • Main process and hashing priority

  • Scheduler

  • Average data rate

  • Penalize unfair clients

  • Smoothed remaining time calculation

  • Antivirus

  • MobileMule

  • L2HAC (lowID to highID Automatic Callback)

  • Backup link for downloading files

  • Shared File Permission

  • Autoupdate IPFilter

  • Anti-scanning measures

  • Preallocation of disk space

  • eMail Notifier

  • Downloading chunk time and size info

NOTE: This project has been abandoned in 2009 and no longer being developed. Downloading of eMule Plus and its source code are still available for community to continue the development and technical support.



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