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Emule Pawcio
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Vista
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Emule Pawcio mod Review

" An eMule mod based on 0.44b with a lot of extra features. "

Intelligent Chunk Selection
To avoid two or more users choose to download the same chunk, ECS relies only on randomness: users choose randomly *hoping* to choose a different chunk each; in ICS the user preference "first/last chunk" take importance only when there are NO rare chunks; With ICS, the same situation is a release-mode one, then you will choose the shortest-to-complete chunk that is not being downloaded ATM by any other client.

Bandwidth Control
Pawcio Bandwidth Control (Tag: "Pawcio: BC") - tab "Bandwidth Control" in Preferences. Completely new upload/download system.
A. Special algorithm for minimalization of opened slots.
B. Bandwidth Setting in 0.1 KB increments.
C. Simplified options for USS and DSS (choose only the minimal upload/download and decide how much eMule should use your bandwidth - slider - no more need of % of lowest ping)
D. Advanced option for USS and DSS (choose what max ping should be and which server to ping)
E. Auto management of Max Connections and Max Connections per 5 seconds.
F. Pinging through UDP, so if your ISP is blocking ICMP traffic you can select "UDP Ping" in "Bandwidth control" tab and it should work (you need to open UDP outgoing port (default 33434) and have administrative right in Windows NT and XP pro). If UDP sending can't be used BC will automatically move on ICMP version.
G. Possibility of "catching" whole eMule upstream/downstream within specified limits.
H. Cumulate upload bandwidth to certain slots (as an option - "Cumulate Bandwidth for upload slots").
I. "Session up: down 1:4 limit" from Morph Next.
J. Status of USS and DSS and all limits can be seen on Bandwidth Control Tab.
K. There is new type of clients : Clients on reserved upload list (ready in any time to start upload).
L. Yellow lines added to graphs (in Statistic Window) showing whole current upload and download (with whole overhead)

Badwolf's upload management
Keeps some Tricky slots opened (3 for limits over 10K, 1 for less) too as a "buffer" when a fast upload finishes to redistribute the bandwidth left free. Allows to maximize your average upload rate.


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