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Software Specifications

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1.17 MB
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Not available
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File Sharing Software
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Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
Shareaza P2P client
Not available

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator Review

" A potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. "

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augment download speed and enlarges the amount of download sources. The interface is eye-catching and user- friendly. The application is totally FREE and there are NO Ads, NO Adware, NO Spyware, NO Trojans bundled!

- Interface is easy to use and good-looking;
- Finds more sources at user-specified intervals;
- Interface is easy operable by a system tray icon;
- Clean and free, without any adware or spyware;
- Configuration from last run is saved and auto loads on start-up;
- Automatically resumes paused downloads;
- Finished and wrong files are cleaned automatically.


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