Mail Overseer 1.6


Software Specifications

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1.52 MB
License [?]:
$29.95 USD
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Spam Prevention Software
Cresco Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium II, 233MHz, 64M RAM, 5MB disk space
30-day trial.

Mail Overseer Review

" Unique anti-spam solution. Total control, 100% spam removal, no mail lost. "

Unique integrated anti-spam solution: mail retrieval, spam detection and removal, message classifying and re-classifying, filter training are all integrated in one operation which is usually only one more click than a regular mail reading session. Ensures total control, 100% spam removal and no legitimate mail lost. Highly accurate, self learning Bayesian filter, detects most of the spam and viruses, including some of the most dangerous ones like Swen and MyDoom.

Dual Mode Spam Handling : spam is deleted from server or is tagged and let to the mail client for processing. For Outlook Express, tagged messages are processed by a rule automatically created by Mail Overseer;

Automatic White List management: senders of good messages automatically added to White List; Pre-trained anti-spam engine (Outlook Express only); Automatic accounts management (Outlook Express only); Multiple accounts; Auto-connects at specified intervals; Works with every POP3 mail client; Detects and self-configures to work with other proxy-like programs; Complete mail database management for all retrieved emails (both spam and good); Detailed logs; Setup wizard for almost zero touch configuration; Very fast and reliable; Extremely user friendly and transparent


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