GroupMAN 1.0

Software Specifications

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5.25 MB
License [?]:
$69.95 USD
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List Management Software
TNL Total Solutions
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
P300Ghz, 32MB RAM
Limited to 1 list with 10 subscribers

GroupMAN Review

" Setup A Discussion List As Easy As 1, 2, 3. "

GroupMAN (Group Manager) functions as a list-server program and makes it easy to create and manage both announcement mailing lists and interactive discussions on your Windows PC. GroupMAN is unique because it's designed to work from your personal electronic-mail address, as opposed to dedicated accounts on a list server. To use GroupMAN, you don't even need a dedicated mail server -- all you need is access to a POP3 server (which comes with virtually every Internet-access account) and some version of Windows. Setting up GroupMAN is as easy as setting up a regular mail program.

- Manage multiple lists from a single POP email account,
- Unlimited Number Of Lists, Each group can maintain a file repository
- Create moderated lists, announcement only lists, and general discussion lists.
- Allow subscribers to have DIGEST ONLY subscriptions
- Create public or private lists.
- Create reminders for project management related lists.
- Allow or Disallow attachments for any given list.
- GroupMAN can run autonomously in the background with no user intervention.
- As with most list-server software commands are requested through standard email. GroupMAN offers many of the same standard list-server subject line commands.
- If the preset subject line commands are not enough you can create your own subject line commands each command you create is capable of carrying out one task or 100 tasks.
- GroupMAN can publish a website containing message archives, file archives, and general statistics.
- Have replies go to either the list itself, original author or the list owner.
- Ban an abusive subscriber from your list preventing them from posting or receiving emails.
- Customizable set of email templates with full support of internal variables.
- Create custom filters to incoming mail to screen out bounced mail, auto-replies spam and attachments with certain extensions.


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