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$59.85 USD
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List Management Software
AtomPark Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
P133, 32MB RAM, 2MB HDD
Does not save the projects.

Atomic Subscription Manager Review

" Manage mailing lists automatically and handle user requests to subscribe. "

Atomic Subscription Manager is a mailing list management utility. Once installed, this program automatically handles all user requests to subscribe and unsubscribe to/from the mailing list. The number of mailing lists that can be maintained is not limited. Atomic Subscription Manager is the subscription central station working real-time, 24 hours a day. Simply install the program, create a mailing list, define rules for maintaining the list and minimize the program to tray. After that the program will work automatically.

Each list can have its own unique rules how to subscribe and unsubscribe the users. Following Internet ethics, the subscription may be activated both by the first request (i.e. as soon as a user sends you a SUBSCRIBE message) or by the secondary confirmation (when a user confirms his/her subscription by e-mail. This method is recommended and preferred by many).

The mailing list management commands can be processed from the following sources:

1. Incoming mail (POP or IMAP). The program can parse incoming mail and find there the commands to subscribe or unsubscribe the users. Optionally, it can send notifications about subscription success or failure. The program has a built-in mailer.

2. HTTP or FTP. The program may periodically poll the files on remote servers to acquire e-mail addresses to add or remove them from a mailing list. To use this option, add a newsletter subscription form to your web site and allow the visitors subscribe without additional confirmations.

3. Local files. The program may periodically poll the files on your computer and load a list of e-mail addresses to add or remove from a mailing list. This option should be used if your home computer is used as a dedicated server or you download lists of e-mail addresses from the Internet manually.

4. Manually. You can add or remove users from the list manually (for example, a user may ask you to join by the phone or other way).


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