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$29.95 USD
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E-Mail Utilities and Tools Software
Weird Kid Software LLC
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Unix Mac Linux Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8
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Subject and senders masked in demo mode.

Emailchemy Review

" Converts email formats, manipulates email files, helps import old mail. "


Convert email from the closed, proprietary file formats of the most popular (and many of yesterday's forgotten) email applications to standard, portable formats that any application can use. These standard formats are ideal for long term archival, database entry, or forensic analysis and eDiscovery.


The embedded IMAP mail server allows any IMAP-compatible email application to import your converted email. Emailchemy also includes a utility for uploading converted mail up to a Google Apps email account.


You can split, sort and merge email archives, and harvest email addresses from email archives.

  • Convert proprietary email formats to standard formats based on RFC-2822 (formerly RFC-822) -- the official Internet standard for email messages that has been around since 1973.
  • Cross-platform solution; versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Reads native email file formats; no need to re-install or run old email programs; convert Windows email files on a Mac or Linux computer, and vice-versa
  • Convert all your old mail formats with a single product
  • Industrial-strength accuracy relied upon by law enforcement and forensic agencies around the world
  • Embedded IMAP mail server to simplify importing email into most email client software.
  • Upload converted email to Google Apps email accounts.

Emailchemy can read:
  • AOL for Windows ("PFC" files);
  • Apple Mail;
  • Claris Emailer;
  • CompuServe Classic for Mac (aka "MacCIM");
  • CompuServe for Windows;
  • Entourage;
  • Eudora;
  • Mozilla;
  • Mulberry;
  • Musashi;
  • Neoplanet;
  • Netscape;
  • Opera;
  • Outlook for Mac (8.x and 2001);
  • Outlook for Windows (MSG, PST and OST files);
  • Outlook Express;
  • Outspring;
  • PowerTalk/AOCE for Mac;
  • QuickMail Pro;
  • Thunderbird;
  • Windows Live Mail;
  • Windows Mail;
  • Yahoo! Mail;
  • any UNIX-style or mbox-format mailbox.



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