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2.03 MB
License [?]:
Not available
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Chatting and IRC Software
AVM Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Intel Pentium 166MHz Processor, 16MB RAM, Full-Duplex sound card
Not available

PalTalk Review

" Free audio, video and text messaging. Thousands of video chat rooms. "

PalTalk 5.0 allows you to see, hear, chat, and share files with anyone, anywhere in the world - all for free. Meet millions of people in existing audio and video chat rooms, or create a video-conference of your own to bring together other PalTalk users with similar interests. You'll enjoy 6 full video windows of your friends while communicating in chat rooms. No web cam is required to view others.

Plus, you can share photos, files, and messages instantly with any PalTalk user. If you want to chat without the video and voice features, you can always instant message and use PalTalk for real-time text chat. And, PalTalk works with your existing AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN screen names so you can chat with all of your buddies using a single program. PalTalk even includes 24-hour online help.


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