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Software Specifications

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9.93 MB
License [?]:
$49.95 USD
Last Updated:
Chatting and IRC Software
Cybration, INC.
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
P3 450, 64MB RAM, Camera for sending video, Microphone for sending audio.
After 21 days, you can't send messages and calls are limited to one minute.

ICUII Video Chat (ICU2) Review

" A full-color IP-based video conferencing system. "

ICUII is a full-color IP-based video conferencing system. ICUII includes a Quick Message function that can send audio, text, and/or a video image to any user on the directory, or to your Pal list. Other features include visual caller ID, a 'do not disturb' option, a buddy list, picture e-mail, user profiles with pictures, a 320x240-pixel viewing screen, content filters, and global listings, Instant Message forwarding of new and saved Instant messages. Home and office routers and intranets can use ICUII on all machines.

Do all your chatting with ICU2!
With the ICU2 Video Chat program you can now talk with people on Yahoo, MSN, AIM & ICQ directly from the ICU2 Video Chat program. No more need to have 5 different chat programs running. Do it all via ICU2 Video Chat.

ICU2 Video Chat has a Pal List that is the envy of everyone.
The ability to hide from everyone, hide from a single person, hide from multiple people, or be visible to just a few special friends.

In the Chat Lobbies:
* More than 20 Live Chat Lobbies & User Created Rooms
* Instant Live Snapshots in chat. When you send a line of text a snapshot is taken and sent with your text.
* Live audio sent to all in the lobby, talk to everyone or even send clear music in your favorite lobby.
* Video on demand. Pick from Live chat users who's video you want to see while in the chat. It's instant, live, and consistent even with multiple viewers at once.
* The ability to make your video available to all in the chat and the ability to screen who watches your video on demand..
* Accept up to 100 simultaneous Video on Demand viewers while in the chat lobbies, or limit to a mutual video exchange.
* Smilies and emoticons
* In room moderators and admins to help control the users and help you get to know the program.
* CD quality audio for voice or music.
* 300% increase (over previous versions) in bit rate for video on demand through the servers. Which means faster video for you!
* Private Video Calling: Live Video and Video with Voice private calling, to and from any registered users.


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