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Chatting and IRC Software
Telegram Messenger LLP
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Telegram Review

" A superfast cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging client with end-to-end encryption. "

Telegram is reliable cloud-based instant messaging service thus allowing you to access your messages from several devices simultaneously. Messages are sync seamlessly.

Telegram is faster and more secure with their multi-data center infrastructure and encryption. It focuses on providing private and secure means of communication.

You can use Telegram to send message, voice message, photos, videos and files of any type. Telegram cannot be used to make calls or video calls.

It has no limits on the size of your media files and chat messages.

Telegram is available for both mobile and desktop systems. Telegram also has a web version.

You can write to anyone who's in your phone contacts and have Telegram installed. Username is optional and public on Telegram. If you choose to have a username, other people will be able to find you in global search even if they don't have your phone number.

You can log in to your Telegram account from any devices. However, your account it tied to your mobile phone number, which is verified by SMS code.

  • Secret Chats:

    Created for those who want more secrecy than the average user. It uses an additional layer of client-client (end-to-end) encryption on top of the server-client encryption used in cloud chats, thus it leaves no trace on cloud servers. Secret chats can only be accessed on their original devices. It supports self-destructing messages and messages cannot be forwarded.
  • Self-Destruct Timer:

    Available for Secret Chats only. Simply set the timer to your desired time limit and tap the clock icon. The clock starts ticking. The message will be deleted from both devices when time runs out.
  • Groups:

    Create groups for up to 200 members or supergroups for up to 5,000 members or channels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences. It is ideal for sharing stuff in small teams or even large community.
  • Stickers:

    High-definition images created to provide more expressive emoji. Telegram comes with default sticker set but user can install additional sticker packs created by third-party contributors.

Telegram is free, without ads and subscription fees.



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