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Open Source
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Chatting and IRC Software
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Android iOS
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Android 4.0 and up; iOS 7.0 or later
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FireChat Review

" Send instant messages, photos and chat with those around you in crowded places with no internet, data plan or mobile phone coverage needed! "

FireChat technologies enable smartphone devices to connect directly with one another using peer-to-peer WiFi thus empowering people globally to communicate where the internet is not available.

Popularly known as the "app for crowds."

FireChat is a critically useful communication tool in the following situations:
  • natural disaster
  • no internet connection
  • no mobile phone coverage
  • internet usage restrictions
  • no data plan
  • sports games
  • live or music events
  • crowded places

FireChat also works on plane and cruise ship.

When your community physically gets together, it creates its own communication network that's free and doesn't rely on traditional networks.

How it works?

You only need your smartphone and FireChat. FireChat uses the radios inside our phones to connect directly with one another. In that case, which is called, off-the-grid, messages will travel up to 70 meters from one phone to the next.

If there are more than two devices, they will form a network and messages will bounce from one device to the next, thus extending the range of the network.

The more people use FireChat, the better the network gets for everybody. That is why FireChat works extremely well for very large groups of people.

How will this help me?

If you are the leader of a community, it will allow you to update all community members at the same time. You can share information on meetings, projects, use of funds, while at the moment create an online space for all members to debate the life and future of the community.

Unlike other social networks, you can see all messages in real-time without any ads or unrelated content. Unlike other chat apps, such as WhatsApp, it doesn't require users to share their phone numbers. FireChat also accommodates a very large number of users.

Get FireChat and build your own internet!

How do I use it?

IMPORTANT! In order to install FireChat, you need the internet to download the app and log in before switching into offline mode. You don't need WiFi connections to run the app. However, under your phone settings, you need to keep Bluetooth and WiFi turned on so you can see other FireChat users nearby.
  1. Download FireChat. It's a small file.
  2. Create your profile by picking a username, add a photo and a short bio.
  3. Start chatting. Default chatroom is called Everyone. From here, you can move to any chatroom by clicking on the hashtags contained in messages.
  4. Create your chatroom by typing a hashtag in any message (#Lawyerment) to start a new discussion. If the chatroom exists, you'll be joining the conversation there.
  5. Invite your community and share via Twitter, Facebook, SMS. The format is

  • FireChat is meant for public communications. It works like Twitter and Instagram from the the perspective of message distribution. Anyone can see your messages, whether you are in a small or big chatroom. However, it's your decision whether to use your real name or choose to be anonymous.

    If you don't like what someone is saying, you can block the person simply by pressing and holding down a message they sent. The people you block will not see your messages either.



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