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Software Specifications

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11.60 MB
License [?]:
Not available
Last Updated:
Chatting and IRC Software
Tencent Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
256MB RAM, 100MB free hard drive space, 433MHz Pentium processor, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 with SP1, Internet connection
Not available

TM2008 (Tencent Messenger 2008) Review

" A light, smart and efficient instant messaging tool. "

The brand-new design makes TM2008 easier to use. A fresh and exciting new experience is awaiting you!

TM2008 has been redesigned to improve the performance and use less system resources. No matter whether you start-up, sign-in, use contact management or just chat: it will be faster, easier and more reliable.

Another improvement in TM2008 is the search feature. You can quickly search by nickname; display name, QQ ID or e-mail address and the matching contacts will be sorted intelligently.

For various kinds of off-line and unread messages, TM2008 introduces a new function called "Unread Message Box". This reduces the number of message alerts you receive.

TM2008 now launches its brand-new statuses of "Q Me" and "Mute"! You'll still have the same great features like "Online", "Away" and "Invisible", too! "Q Me" tells your friends that you want to have a chat with them. "Mute" keeps you from being disturbed in case of necessary.

TM 2008 provides you with lots of personal image choices. Besides recommended images, QQ Show, you could also upload a picture as your personal image and edit it easily at your will.

Remote Assistance software enables you to use your mouse and keyboard to control a remote PC.

Application Manager allows you to enable various services and customize services you like.

The new style integrates perfectly with Windows XP and Vista.



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