Chieftain Housekeeper 1.5


Software Specifications

Chieftain Housekeeper Screenshot
Editor Rating
132.00 MB
License [?]:
$49.95 USD
Last Updated:
Home Inventory Software
Cyclone Technology
Operating System:
Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
256MB RAM, Pentium 166 MHz
Not available

Chieftain Housekeeper Review

" Home inventory software to record, catalogue and track each home content item in a household. "

Chieftain Housekeeper is an easy to use software application that helps you to catagorize and record details of your home contents, such as serial numbers, make, model and cost. You can store as many photographs as you choose against each record, which make identification much easier. This gives you peace of mind that should you ever lose your possessions in a fire or theft, you will be able to provide your insurance company and the police with a detailed printed list of contents. The comprehensive contact manager also lets you keep detailed records of all your contacts.


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