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Home Accounting Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Easy Money Review

" Simple, quick income/expense tracking for home or office. "

Easy Money provides a quick means to record where all your money comes from and where it goes - just like your financial planner keeps telling you to do. You can easily start the program, enter in several expenses, and get back out in a matter of seconds. This high speed, no nonsense approach makes it easy to get in the habit of using the program every day.

Records are organized according to user-defined categories such as work, food, shelter, utilities, etc., and can be further classified by two user-defined fields and separate data folders if desired. Records can easily be found later on by searching for words or categories within a specified date range. The program includes a Macro utility to automate recording recurring expenses and income, such as payroll checks. Fiscal year start-stop is user-defined, and the program handles any nation's currency and date formatting.

Reports may be tailored to include all records, or only ones meeting specified criteria. All reports have a summary section showing the sub-totals for each category, the percentage of the grand total, and the grand total. There is also a simple bar graph in the summary section. Select either portrait or landscape print output, or export the data for use in your favorite spreadsheet application.

Easy Money includes an installation utility, with full un-installation support, and optional bold font screens for easier reading.


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