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Budgeting, Debt Reduction and Retirement Planning Software
All Purpose Software
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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APSW Budget Planner V3 Pro Review

" An all-in-one multi functional personal finance software. "

The Budget Planner V3 Pro is a step ahead for home and personal budgeting. Equipped with a comprehensive online learning system, the budget planner runs on auto pilot, you simply add the details and the software will run your budget for you to learn from or live by! Features include a loan and mortgage calculator with 'what-if' multiple scenario planning. Using the compounded interest formula, where the interest is calculated on the monthly balance of the loan, the loan and mortgage calculator performs multiple queries based on your loan, loan term, interest rate and repayment options.

Multiple Scenarios option: Based on three different scenarios on a static loan amount, this option allows you to view these scenarios based on varying interest rates and repayment options.

Multiple Plan option: Based on the Multiple Scenarios option, this function allows you to have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. Each plan may have a different loan amount or you can choose to have the same repayments, loan term and interest rate, or vary all of these functions to provide you with 9 different scenarios.

The loans and savings target goal tracker - How your loan affects your home finances. The Loan Tracker will automatically adjust your budget plan according to your loan requirements and repayment options. Savings Calculator and Savings Target Date - Have a target date for your next holiday or purchase? All you need to enter is how often you want to put money aside and the Savings Calculator automatically adjusts your budget for you and re-adjusts when you reach your target date. Due-dates and reminders chart - Add notes, reminders and due dates to your Income and Expense Items. Includes auto-notification facility, notes, reporting and graph modelling, internal web browser, context sensitive online help, auto store functionality and a fully customizable categories menu. Real budgeting, real returns!


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