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Homemade Hair Conditioners Review

" An ebook of recipes for making your own hair conditioner. "

Conditioning is mainly used for dry hair because it adds natural oil supply.

It makes dry hair shiny. For oily hairs mild conditioner should be used and that too at the ends of your hair. It is like giving nourishment treatment to hairs.

Each hair is made up of delicate fiber. It must be taken care off.

Method of conditioning:

*** Remove the excess water from hair after shampooing your hair.
*** Then remove tangles from hair by combing.
*** Rub the conditioner with your fingers on hairs.
*** Keep it for five minutes.
*** Massage gently.
*** Rinse the hair to remove the conditioner
*** Dry your hair.

You don't need to condition your hair every time you wash it. If you have oily hair, try every other time.

To protect your hair from dryness and damped. Regularly massage your hair and scalp with olive oil and then the previous day wash your with baby shampoo. Your hair will become smooth and shiny.


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