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Chronos Review

" Computes the AcuPoints which are optimized for a given date. "

Chrono-Acupuncture is the part of Acupuncture allowing:
- to choose the best period to needle a patient,
- to select the best acu-points, for a given period.

It allows to optimize the relationship between all the normal Acupuncture parameters (general working of the channels, pulse, Qi ...) and Time. It deals with the Gan Zhi system of the 60 combinations [Heavenly Stem (Tian Gan) + Earthly Branch (Di Zhi)], for the Day and for the Hour. This naturally refers to the Solar Chinese Calendar.

Two methods use these information to determine some special points to puncture:

- Zi Wu Liu Zhu (Midday-Midnight Irrigation of the Meridians) selects among the five Shu points of
the twelve channels matching the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.
- Ling Gui Ba Fa (Eight Techniques of the Magic Turtle) selects among the eight points of
confluence (key points) between the 12 regular meridians (channels) and the 8 extra-channels matching
the heavenly stems and earthly branches.

They are specially interesting in cases resistant to treatment. They indicate points that can be used in addition to those suggested by the normal diagnosis.


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