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5.83 MB
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$199.00 USD
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Scanning and Optical Character Recognition Software
eDocfile Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
10-use trial; 10 files processed.

Blank Page Remover Review

" Automatically removes blank pages and prints scanned images. "

Blank Page Remover monitors a folder for tiff images, when one is found the blank pages in it are removed and it is automatically sent to a printer. This allows a user to scan a mixture of simplex and duplex documents with a copier and print them in a duplex manner saving paper. The original processed file can be saved as a PDF for storage.

How it Works:

Instead of pressing the Copy Button on a Copier the user selects the scan option and scans the file in a duplex mode to a file folder on the network. Blank Page Remover watches the the output folder from the copier and when if finds a file it processes it automatically.

The processing consists of Blank Page Remover counting all of the pixels on each page and then counting all of the black pixels on each page. It checks to see what percentage of the pixels are black. If more than the allowed amount of pixels are black the page is saved and the next page processed. If the count is less than the allowed amount the page is dropped.

Once all the pages have been processed the file is automatically sent back to the copier as a print job. It will use the default settings of the specified printer, therefore a print job can be setup as duplex and paper can be saved as well as time.

The file can also be saved as a PDF or tiff image for archiving purposes.


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