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9.88 MB
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$69.00 USD
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Graphics Viewing, Managing and Cataloging Software
Mediaparts Interactive
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7
Additional Requirements:
Up to 10 pages; The copyright link; 30 launches of the application.

FlippingBook Photographer Review

" A new friendly tool for creating realistic online photo albums with page turning effect. "

FlippingBook Photographer is the next generation of FlippingBook HTML Edition that could contain the best features from its predecessor in a new seamless interface with drag and drop actions.

You can forget about all the complexities of the code of HTML, JavaScript and Flash and devote all the time for creation of your photo album. All features can be modified from Settings Panel and requires only a couple of clicks to completely transform it to the photo album of your choice.

Built-in page Templates:
To diversify the photo album you can simply select one of the built-in page templates. With the ready-made pages you can create and the full pages as well as pages with thumbnails or use it for other purposes.

Flexible Photo Adjustment:
We designed a photo album builder with the most convenient interface to fill the content. Even the large number of files can be imported into the FlippingBook Photographer. You should simply move them to the window of the program and it will fill the appropriate fields in the template itself. By the way you can change an order, rotate or zoom all these images at any time the right way.

Friendly Interface:
Now the interface is completely user friendly and quite graphical. If you want to change your photo album on any way you do not need go into JavaScript files or edit a HTML page, but it is enough to change an appropriate option in Settings Panel.

Content Protection:
Content protection system will provide permanent security for each published album and prevent illegal distribution. To prevent illegal copying of your albums we developed a domain registration system that can protect your albums from malefactors. Your albums will be configured for uploading just on that websites where you exactly want to site it.

FlippingBook Photographer is multi-platform software and can be run both on a computer with Windows or MacOS X.

Live Preview:
While creating a photo album in FlippingBook Photographer you can access a live preview any time you want to estimate. You need just a click to switch between preview mode and designer mode. It works amazingly fast.


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