Coloroid Color Plan Designer 1.1


Software Specifications

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7.62 MB
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$199.00 USD
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Graphics Conversion and Optimization Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Video resolution of 800x600 pixels using High Color (16k) or better color depth.
10 uses try before buy trial with no functional limitations.

Coloroid Color Plan Designer Review

" Interactively creates professional color designs upon 50 years of researching. Also converts data among several color systems. "

The Coloroid Professional software provides significant help for those working with colors.

Converts data among several color and color order systems including Coloroid (ATV), CIE Lab, CIE Luv, Hunter Lab, XYZ, rgb, sRGB and Munsell. Also provides special tools and wizards to make professional color planning easy, and to share and re-use the created designs as images or text files. Additionally to the converter capabilities, its most straightforward feature is the Harmony Wizard that guides you through the process of the color plan making. Just follow the on-screen instructions, conform to the provided Harmony Rules and check out how easily you can create highly aesthetical color designs.

The basis of the color planning is the relatively new, Coloroid color order system which was founded and has been researched by Prof. Antal Nemcsics in the last near 50 years. As he used several million of individual color sensation experiments from over than 60 thousands of people, an extremely large statistical set provided information to define a color system specially created for aesthetical color designing.

The Coloroid software encapsulates result of 2 years cooperation with Prof. Nemcsics; that is a strong and formalized math model capable to automate the process of the interactive color plan creating. Using this model you are no longer locked to discrete experiments, rather you can benefit from the whole generalized model.

- Cutting-edge Coloroid Harmony Wizard which interactively guides you through creating highly aesthetical color designs.
- Converts scientific -like XYZ, CIE, etc.- and technical -like sRGB, web RGB- color descriptions.
- Benefits from all results of fifty years of researching.
- Improves color rendering by adding display calibrating feature.
- Reads color definition of color measuring instruments/custom text files.
- Exports color designs to text and image formats.


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