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Morovia DataMatrix Barcode Fontware Review

" Prints DataMatrix symbols to any laser printers. "

Morovia DataMatrix Barcode Font use reed-solomon algorithm for ECC 200 error checking and correcting level. Data Matrix is a space-efficient two-dimensional bar code symbology that is made up of square modules. According to AIM, this amazing symbology of Data Matrix could encode up to 2335 alphanumeric characters, or 1556 characters of 8-bit byte data, or 3116 digits of numeric data. Data Matrix could encode virtually everyting including ASCII character, extended characters, unicode characters and binaries.

Morovia DataMatrix Barcode Font has a smart and simple solution for non-printable character input. Slash plus its 3-digit ASCII value represents the correspondng character in Morovia DataMatrix encoder. For example, \005 represents the character of ENQ, \127 represents the character of DEL, while \232 will be considered to be FNC1 character by Morovia DataMatrix encoder. If a user wants to encode slash and a 3-digit number in Morovia DataMatrix font, he or she will have to type in double slash "\\" and digits.

Data Matrix Symbol has an even number of rows and columns. Not including quiet zone, Data Matrix symbols are rectangular with sizes ranging from 10 x 10 to 144 x 144. The symbol size and shape may be specified by a user to suit the requirement of the data matrix application. The data may be encoded using any combination of 6 different encodation schemes of Data Matrix symbology: ASCII, C40, Text, Base256, X12, or EDIFACT. A user may specify preferred Data Matrix encodation scheme. Otherwise, automatic encodation scheme will be applied by Morovia DataMatrix encoder, so that the shortest codeword stream will be produced.

Morovia DataMatrix Barcode Font fully supports Crystal Reports and MS Office. After copy the codewords returned from Morovia DataMatrix Encoder and paste to word processor, then applying Morovia DataMatrix Font, you get Data Matrix symbol.


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