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Barcodes Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Barroco Review

" 2D bar code that can handle any binary or text data. "

BARROCO code is 2D bar code and it can handle any binary or text data such as documents, video, text and audio. There is applied compression, encryption, encoding and error correction to create strong redundant dot code. BARROCO code can be printed, scanned or electronically transferred. BARROCO code keeps data integrity and security.

- Compression

BARROCO CODER has built in automatic compression. Some file types like text files can be successfully compressed to 20% of size. Compression is calculated before setting additional options, if compression is not required, it is disabled.

- Encryption

BARROCO CODER support standard encryption algorithm AES (Rijndael) with key length 160 bits. Key is generated from entered password. Encrypted is data stream and file name. You can't restore file without correct password. Minimal password length is 6 characters.

- Error correction

The BARROCO CODE has built-in error correction. Data can be successfully recovered after random changes, printing defects or missing part of document. Error correction can be set in few steps. There are three redundancy levels as additional option.


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