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2.55 MB
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$39.00 USD
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CAD, 3D Design and Modeling Software
Jon Hoke
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 333, 32 MB RAM, 800x600 display, TrueType fonts.

JustCad Review

" Use CAD with only a rudimentary knowledge of the program. "

JustCad is a 2D computer aided design program. The program has all of the features required to make it a complete solution for most 2D design and drafting needs. To draw any object, simply click on the screen or snap to an existing object, move the cursor, in the desired direction and enter a distance.

Drawing tools include, line, 2pt. circle, 3pt. circle, 2pt. arc, 3pt. arc, curve, ellipse, point, polygon, linear dimension, radial dimension, angular dimension, leader, text place, text edit, associates, hatch, multiple lines, ortho on/off, (3) arrow styles, unlimited layers, (8) line widths, (5) line styles, blank line, snap to and more.

Edits include, break, trim, stretch, copy, radial copy, concentric copy, move, rotate, fillet, 3pt. rotate, 3pt. radial copy, change properties, scale, erase, undo and redo 40,000 operations.

Utilities include, measure distance, area, angle, total length selected, (2) circle tangent line functions, insert text file, save bitmap, import and export DXF format files, raster to vector (points).


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