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$295.00 USD
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CAD, 3D Design and Modeling Software
VIZup Technology
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
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30-day trial; Save-disabled.

VizUp Reducer Review

" Professional tool for reducing and optimizing 3D models. "

Many of the models that you create with the help of 3D modeling tools, as well as some models
converted from CAD software, can be very complex. These models may consist of hundreds of
thousands, even millions of polygons and are practically useless for processing in real-time
visualization systems.

Vizup Reducer is a professional tool for reducing and optimizing 3D models. With the help of
Vizup, you can reach the optimal balance between the necessary detail level and the size of 3D
models. You can also use this software to reduce the number of polygons in your 3D models used in
virtual reality and real-time visualization systems. Decreasing the size of 3D models stored on
the Web lets your users and customers download them much faster. This product can also be
effectively used for Level-of-Details (LOD) generation.


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