Inform! 1.0


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$49.00 USD
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Business, Multimedia and Presentation Software
Media Mystics
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Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Internet Explorer 4.0
40 days fully functional trial, registration reminder.

Inform! Review

" Combine text, graphics, pictures, sound, video into single file on any subject. "

Feature filled suite of programs for creating your own interactive multimedia presentations. Use for making photo albums (with audio/video), letters to family/friends, term papers, business catalogues and procedures, interactive training modules or tutorials, interactive stories and novels, interactive information kiosks, encyclopedias, and more.

Basic unit of an Inform! document is a window. Like pages of a book, you can have as many as you want. Windows can have a caption, any background color or gradient color, or a picture as background. Objects on top of the picture can be made temporarily invisible. An audio/video file can be associated with the window and can be played once, several times, or indefinitely.

One or more windows can act like a slide show, each one displayed for 1/2 second to one minute. Previous and next page arrows allow navigation, or create your own custom navigation methods. You can organize windows (pages) into sections like chapters of a book. Create as many outlines, and alphabetically ordered indexes to your material as you want.

Each window can have 8 types of object in any quantity you want. Labels can be any color or transparent, with text in any font, size and style. Can be used for navigation to other pages or web sites. Image boxes hold pictures shrunk or expanded to their size, but pictures can be displayed at actual size. You can associate a picture, sound, video or ANY file with an image box which can be opened with its own program if necessary.

Three types of text box are available for display of text in any font, color, size, or style. One of the text box allows for multiple fonts, sizes, styles, and colors. Combo and list boxes can contain unlimited entries, each one of which can have ANY file associated with it for display, even in its own program. Place as many video windows on a page as you want. Documents can be edit locked and distributed freely with I_Review.


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