Autocad Tools 2005 9.5

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License [?]:
$119.95 USD
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AutoCAD Utilities Software
Hughesware Computer Services
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
AutoCAD Version 2002, 2004 LT, or 2005
30-day trial

Autocad Tools 2005 Review

" Automatically print hundreds of AutoCAD drawings in many directories. "

Use Autocad Tools to quickly execute hours of time consuming plotting and printing routines. Besides cutting down on time, you can just leave (or sleep) while it does the work for you!

Simply add all of your AutoCAD drawing files to the Batch Job list, press the print button, and walk away. Autocad Tools will automatically start up your AutoCAD program, generate a plot for each drawing, and send it to your configured Default System Printer.

Excel spreadsheet files can also be added to the printer "Job List" along with AutoCAD drawing files. Autocad tools is currently compatible with both Excel versions of Microsoft Office 97 and Office 2000.

Autocad Tools also contains pre-defined script routines to automatically convert an unlimited amount of drawings to a different version level of AutoCAD drawings.

Designed for large Corporate Network's. Autocad Tools can be configured to remember what directory you were last at so that the next time you start the program, you don't have to search for your drawings over and over.

The concepts and ideas on how to develop Autocad Tools were mainly from working with design engineers and having discussions about problems with other batch plotting utility programs.


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