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Software Specifications

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4.21 MB
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$69.00 USD
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Adobe Utilities and Compatible Plug-Ins Software
Altostorm Software
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
P III or better, 128MB RAM

Altostorm Rectilinear Panorama Home Review

" An efficient tool for geometric distortion correction. "

Rectilinear Panorama is an efficient tool that corrects any geometric image distortions (such as lens, perspective and panorama distortions). It can be used to correct:
- barreling and pincushioning (optical distortion),
- perspective shift and image skewing (caused by camera tilt or unfavorable shooting spot),
- image rotation,
- panorama distortion and curved horizon (panoramic photography),
- any other distortions that cause curvature of straight lines, changes in shape, size or ratio of dimensions.

Rectilinear Panorama can correct images that suffer from multiple problems simultaneously. Rectilinear Panorama can correct both scanned and digital images. Rectilinear Panorama can correct both panoramic and conventional (not panoramic) images because it can handle any asymmetrical and irregular distortions!

What do I need Rectilinear Panorama for?
- your images will have a more natural look;
- you can use wide-angle lenses and get rectilinear images that are free of distortions;
- you can shoot panoramas and get realistic rectilinear images that are free of distortions;
- you can get rectilinear images without expensive hardware;
- you can simulate a view from another shooting spot, e.g. when the favorable spot is not reachable (you cannot get closer or higher) or when it has some drawbacks (a reflecting surface produces glares or an object mirrors the photographer);
- you can shoot without a tripod and always get images that have ideal geometry and straight horizon.

Rectilinear Panorama Home Edition is the full-featured product that is targeted for noncommercial uses. Rectilinear Panorama Home Edition supports 8-bit images in RGB and Grayscale only.

Rectilinear Panorama runs as a plug-in filter for Adobe Photoshop and compatible host applications.

We also offer Rectilinear Panorama Professional that is most suited to the complex requirements of professionals and amateurs in photography who need maximum quality and functionality.


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