Pixionary for Palm 1.1


Software Specifications

Pixionary for Palm Screenshot
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1000 KB
License [?]:
$12.00 USD
Last Updated:
Word Software
Operating System:
Additional Requirements:
Palm OS 3.5, 512KB dynamic RAM
Not available

Pixionary for Palm Review

" A drawing game, studio, and dictionary in one. "

Pixionary for Palm -- The classic game of quick-draw now in your handheld! Draw pictures for teammates to guess in three minutes or less. Features over 3,000 words to guess in 8 different categories.

Product highlights:
- Play any for 3 Game Modes - team play, round robin, or free-for-all
- View, save and edit your pictures in the studio
- View saved pictures in the studio
- Access word definitions during play or studio mode

Product features:
- Features over 3,000 words to draw in 8 different categories from animals to mythology.
- Play against other players or in teams through the Game section or practice your drawing skills in the Studio section.
- Lookup the definition of the word before and after drawing with its Definition feature.
- Access hints on demand with the Hint feature.
- Customize the type of hints for your gaming convenience - show either first letter or the number of letters of the word.
- Customize drawing time from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes.
- Features 3 game types - team play, free-for-all and round robin.
- Customize the length of your games - play by number of rounds or by a race a certain number of points.
- Store pictures on your handheld through the Save feature - view saved pictures anytime.
- Includes an Undo feature with erase your latest strokes and actions.
- Supports sounds with enable and disable functions.
- Supports high resolution, greyscale and colored handheld devices
- Supports Palm OS 3.5 and higher.


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