Puzzle Balls 1.1


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Word Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000
Additional Requirements:
Not available

Puzzle Balls Review

" A word logic and puzzle game combo. "

The object of this game is to position the shuffled balls correctly to find all the hidden words.

Use logic and memory to reveal step by step. There are 2 game modes: General Words and Topics - Animals, Countries, Computers, Fruits, etc. You can create your own word topics.

This game has auto-save/load feature to continue the previous unfinished game.

There are 5 pre-loaded difficulty levels: Easiest to Hardest, but you can create your own custom levels by customizing board size, length of words, number of words, and topic you desire to use.

A built-in Midi Player which supports Playlist enables you to play this game while enjoying your favorite music.

You can change the game background - tiled or stretched, and there's also High Scores record.


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