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7.72 MB
License [?]:
$19.99 USD
Last Updated:
Strategy and World Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
DirectX 8.0
Expires after 1 hour of play.

Funky Farm Review

" A farming frenzy of pigs, sheep and wolves. "

Lead a simpler, funkier life on the Funky Farm. Make money raising livestock so you can spend it at the general store. Keep your sheep safe from wild wolves by keeping them in flocks, building fences, and protecting them with a sheepdog. Fatten up your pigs so they're worth more money... but watch out! Those porkers will knock down anything or anyone in the way of their supper!

- Over 30 levels of farming frenzy!
- Fill your farm with fat pigs, fluffy sheep, evil wolves, and a really cute dog!
- Upgrade your tools at the general store.
- Play against the clock or unwind with untimed mode.
- Funky, exclusive soundtrack!


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