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69.36 MB
License [?]:
$25.00 USD
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Strategy and World Software
Studios 3wG
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
64MB RAM, 200MB disk space
Not available

IVM CE UK Review

" Strategic and simulation scientific space game, now with commerce between stations. "

If you tried the previous version of IVM now you going to have complete surprise with this new concept of non-violence game. Just keep your astronaut's team in Space and explore the Universe. New missions and trade with others on the Stations. Imagined together with the ISS Mars Way eBook, that tells the astronaut's lost in future history, this game makes you a true Commandant, that has to work with a daily routine replete of unexpected, in a space atmosphere, in that the time never stops.

Acquire equipment,resources gathering as oxigen, water, food, minerals and energy, medical kits, survival kits, capsules, trade between ships, selling information by using e-Commerce lines, creation of vaccines.... Try this English Version.


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