Raucous Deployment 1.0

Software Specifications

Raucous Deployment Screenshot
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1.16 MB
License [?]:
$10.00 USD
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Strategy and World Software
Ice Reaper Games
Operating System:
Unix Linux Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Missing some unit types and abilities.

Raucous Deployment Review

" A fast real-time strategy game where players deploy units which automatically attack enemy units and attempt to capture buildings. "

Raucous Deployment is a fast real time strategy game where players deploy units which rampage across the map destroying the army of their enemies.

Units capture buildings which provide resources for deploying more units, quickly turning the tide of a battle.

Units have abilities and attacks that can explode, chain between many enemies, spawn a clone of the unit, heal, give experience, poison, stun, take control of enemies, drain hit points, drain levels, swap between multiple attacks, and improve the attacks of nearby units.

Units gain experience and levels as they attack enemies. Each level offers a new bonus to the unit and heals it completely.


Strategic: with 26 types of units in the demo version, 45 types of units in the full version, and many different abilities, you may never fully understand the strategic implications of every unit.

Action Packed: your screen will be full of independently thinking units all attacking each other, using special abilities, and trying to capture buildings.

Fast Game Play: a complete game can take as little as 5 minutes. Play vs. the computer, against another player on the same computer, or over a LAN or the internet!

Easy to Modify: just edit the images and plain text specification to produce a new game mod!

Cross-Platform: tested on Windows and programmed in entirely java, so it might work on Linux, Macintosh, or any platform with a new enough Java Virtual Machine.


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