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8.75 MB
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$12.99 USD
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Strategy and World Software
Christian Gross
Operating System:
Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7
Additional Requirements:
18MB harddisk space
14-day trial.

Risky Wars Review

" Challenging world domination game experience of strategy, risk and conquest. "

Risky Wars is a highly challenging world domination game experience of strategy, risk and conquest.

Players control army units on a map where each of them tries to conquer the world by defeating their opponents and seizing territory from them.

Round by round players reinforce, attack and fortify territories, struggling for absolute domination.

Collect army cards and trade them in for bonus armies. Control whole sectors to increase your reinforcement. Develop your best strategies and face your opponents. Take the risk and throw the dices: Let the battle begin!

- awesome graphics and special effects
- up to 6 players per game
- 5 highly challenging computer levels
- customizable game rules
- game statistics
- 4 great maps (more coming soon)


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