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$19.99 USD
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Simulations Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Internet Connection
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Industryplayer Review

" 45,000 Players from more than 100 countries compete in the global business game. "

Industryplayer is the ultimate business strategy game. Many players from around the globe compete in real time for market share and profits. You start with a capital of 10 Million dollars and are coached by an in-game tutorial. Become a market leader within one sector or the most profitable holding of all.

Gold Version: Get more competitive! Business Graphs allow to plan and to control all business activities from a professional perspective: real time charts for market share, costs, EBIT, cash flow and many more key figures. A license analyser allows conveniently comparing profitability, market attractiveness and costing structures of a total 225 product licenses (raw materials, intermediate and consumer products). A Buying Agent fully manages your supply chain.

Trust features: Get even more competitive! Players can form trusts in order to mutually benefit from trust synergies. Holdings that join a trust can specialise on specific sectors for reducing production costs and for getting discounts on staff and materials costs (up to 20% off). Coordination of strategic planning between trust member holdings provides considerable advantages.

Accounting upgrade: Comprehensive accounting instruments, available any time, such as balance sheet, profit & loss statement, cash flow statement, material costs analysis and product calculation. This feature in particular makes Industryplayer 3.0 an innovative educational tool for teachers and trainers in classroom case studies or for any other players who want to learn how corporate accounting works. The accounting system comes with a data export interface to copy paste all game data into any other application.


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