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Software Specifications

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3.41 MB
License [?]:
$14.95 USD
Last Updated:
Mind Challengers and Puzzles Software
Alawar Entertainment
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 300MMX
Not available

Ballz3D Review

" An original high-score type game. "

Ballz3D is very relaxing and doesn't challenge your reflexes. Ballz3D Strategy involves lots of thinking. It is similar to Ballz3D Classic, but the balls appear from all sides of the board. Ballz3D Arcade is a timed version of the game with bonus balls. You have a fixed amount of time for each move and this makes the game more dynamic. Ballz3D Action is a timed game with balls appearing from all sides. This is the most fast-paced version of the game and you will have to try hard to pass a level. The player can customize the settings of the game using the Options menu. For example, one can disable all effects to concentrate solely on the game. The objective of the game is the same as it was before - score the maximum possible number of points by placing the balls of the same color in the lines of three or more and removing them from the board to give place to the new balls.


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