Familiar 1.2d


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2.87 MB
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$30.00 USD
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Game Cheat, Editors and Tools Software
Red When Excited Ltd
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT
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Not available

Familiar Review

" A powerful role-playing tool for the AD&D system (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons). "

Familiar is a very powerful role-playing tool for the AD&D system (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons copyright TSR Inc). It includes a host of features including massive and editable library called the Cyclopaedia. The Cyclopaedia holds all Items (including weapons,armour and hair brushes, be they magical or not) Character Classes, Kits, Races, Proficiencies, Spells (Priestly and Wizardly), Schools, Spheres, Tables and Character Sheets.

Of course both player characters and non-player characters can be generated. Using the table editor you can even get Familiar to generate groups of NPCs with particular statistical probabilities of certain types of character. Familiar then allows you to edit and maintain the characters (both PC and NPC) that you have produced. NPCs are even able to chose their own equipment, spells, thieving abilities, proficiencies and favourite weapons. Character Sheets are editable, so you can tailor particular sheets to classes, or even individual characters.

Familiar also sports a useful dice rolling tool that can generate a histogram for a set of dice, showing the probabilities of rolled totals, even the cumulative frequency! There is a full on-line help system with tutorials to help you harness the power of Familiar.


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