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Visual Lottery Analyser Review

" A lottery games analyzer for creating lottery tickets, perform visual drawing analyzing, using wheel systems, and statistics. "

Visual Lottery Analyser is comprehensive lottery analysis software with many unique features. It includes everything that you may need to play lottery, analyze, calculate and keep statistics of lottery games.

It can help you to increase your chances of winning. Program uses new innovative analysis methods like visual graphical analysis, mathematical analysis, geometry (special Ticket View), and even colors!

New lottery theories are introduced: Ticket View, Contact and Outside numbers, Hot and Cold numbers. You can analyze single numbers, group of numbers, our special numbers, numbers in lines - blocks and more analysis methods. No more staring at tables of columns filled with numbers, that don't tell you anything. One look at a Graphic Analyzer and you will know the probability of a number or group of numbers being drawn. Some of major features are Games Database for creating, setting up and opening lottery games.

Lottery Analyser is dedicated to perform visual analysis of numbers, to show its frequency, occurrence and more. Mathematical Systems with editor, you can use your own numbers with mathematical systems. Mathematical Systems Reducer allows you to apply filters to system and reduce the combinations to those that match your analysis criteria. Program comes to you with over 2100 systems.

My Tickets Generator is a special tickets generator that use filters and analysis methods to generate tickets that match specified criteria. There are more other features like exporting systems and other data to Excel, printing various data. Program has friendly customized interface that allows you to change colors, fonts, layout and skins.

  • One Step Analysis:

    For beginners to get everything in one step - from downloading latest drawing, analyzing the game, getting best possible numbers to play
  • Prediction:

    Analyze a game and show you the ranked numbers from most possible to occur to the less
  • Visual Analyser:

    A visual presentation of numbers analysis where you'll know how the numbers goes with just taking one look
  • Create My Tickets:

    Manage your tickets and generate the best tickets possible by matching all analysis criteria
  • Games World Database:

    Works with all United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and major lottery games in the world
  • Online Drawings Update:

    Download latest and all past lottery numbers
  • Drawings Manager:

    Maintain drawing records of your games, import lottery numbers and search past results
  • Financial and Hits Statistics:

    Graph charts, statistics sheet and grids to show all data of your games financial and hits in clear layout
  • Check Game Results
  • Lottery Notepad:

    Use along with Visual Analyser to note your comments and mark numbers
  • Wheel System:

    Create your own wheel system, edit existing system and import external data and convert into a wheel system




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