Texas Hold'em Calculator for PPC 1.2

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88 KB
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Card Software
AdvMathAppl, Inc
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Windows CE
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Not available

Texas Hold'em Calculator for PPC Review

" This program calculates preflop odds to win in poker - Texas Hold'em. "

Stop losing, start winning! Many poker players cannot understand why they loose money playing good starting hands. The reason is hand values fluctuate greatly depending on the number of people in the pot.

Texas Hold'em Calculator helps you to determine winning starting hands depending on the number of players in the pot and play pot odds on the pre-flop, flop, and river stages.

This program calculates preflop, flop, river odds and bets to win in poker - Texas Hold'em. The program shows your winning odds and bets in games with 2, 3, ... 10 players. THC is the first odds calculator for PDAs!


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