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2.42 MB
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Chess Software
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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dfg ChessExpert XP Review

" Friendly chess partner for beginners to professionals. "

Chess software programs for playing chess are fun and help you improve your chess game.

d.f.g ChessExpert XP is not just a chess playing monster, it is a friendly chess partner for beginners to professionals. Many of the world's strongest players already use d.f.g ChessExpert XP as their analytical partner. It is considered one of the most reliable tactical programs around.

The operation is clear and simple, while at the same time giving you a large number of options for computer chess. d.f.g ChessExpert XP will look ahead 5 or 6 moves in about 15 seconds on an average PC. It uses the standard minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning. It uses a hashtable to minimize re-analysis of positions.

It has attractive pieces and selectable bord styles. It accepts moves made with the mouse, records every move, you can scroll forward and backwards, undo, edit the location of the pieces and save and restore games. Optionally you can highlight pieces in danger, pause the game and more ...

A complete description (tutorial) of Chess Rules & Tournament Rules as well as Basic Strategies are included in the d.f.g ChessExpert XP help. d.f.g ChessExpert XP is a very powerfull chess playing and training program. A MUST for anyone interested in improving their chess skills.


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