Unlimited Checkers 1.0


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Checkers Software
Naor Ben Meir
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Unlimited Checkers Review

" A Checkers game for PC that contains two games types: Regular and Unlimited. "

The Unlimited Checkers is A beautiful Checkers Game written in Java. The Game Searching for Moves by Using the NegaScout Searching, (A variation of The AlphaBeta Algorithm).

The Game contains two Games-types:
- Regular Game and,
- Unlimited Game

The two types are very much the same, except that in the regular type piece's can't move beyond the board borders, where at the Unlimited type, there are no border's to the board, so that pieces can jump beyond the board borders, to the opposite side.

The AI is also stronger and faster, making it one of the best checkers AIs ever made. The game has 4 difficulty levels making it a good opponent for advanced players as well as beginners.


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