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2.43 MB
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$12.95 USD
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Checkers Software
TLK Games
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 550, 128MB RAM, 3D Graphic Card, Sound Card, DirectX 8
Not available

3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited Review

" A fine Chinese checkers to play against the computer or on a network. "

Created in 1930, this play of strategy of displacement is played in China, where it is known as Tiao-qui, as in most countries of the world, on a star shaped board with 121 positions and balls of several colors. The player must transfer the 10 balls from his house towards the opposed house by using the free holes. This play is a good initiation for more complex games of strategy like the GO. The rules are very simple, so the children like this visual and colored game and can play it as soon as they have learned not to swallow the balls!

This game is beautifully designed in 3D, with precious textures of fine wood and marble for the best comfort of playing and learning. It offers many sound and graphic options to create a pleasant gaming atmosphere. Beginners will like the intuitive interface, with an online Help menu always accessible at a touch of the mouse, the capacity of setting the level of the adversary while playing against the computer. You can rollback the ongoing game or save a game to reload it later for replay.

Easy install and uninstall procedure. This game will grow as the skills of the players do, since TLK Games guarantees, for the registered version of this game, a life long guarantee for updates.


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