Super Happy Fun Space Game 1


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2.70 MB
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$1.00 USD
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Shooters Software
Lunchbox Games
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Not available

Super Happy Fun Space Game Review

" Pilot your ship to destroy the enemy base in this addictive space shooter. "

Pilot your ship to destroy the enemy base in this addictive shareware game. Each level, the enemy becomes more powerful. You have to decide whether to attack or defend. Intercept the enemy's rocket and you have the best of both worlds! Flying becomes treacherous as broken parts of your base and the opponents base begin to clutter the battlefield. Capture the MegaGlue power-up and repair your base! Capture the shield power-up and attack without worry! Capture the gun power-up to increase your firepower.

Watch out for mines around the enemy base. Use your ship's shield to destroy them without damage. Destroy the enemy's rocket as it screams towards your base. Intercept the enemy's rocket and watch it decimate his own base. If your ship is destroyed, you have to sit back and watch your opponent mercilessly attack you for five excruciating seconds. Destroy the enemy base and move on to the next level.

There's no limit to the number of levels. The game keeps getting harder and harder until you can't take it anymore. Watch out for the enemy rocket as it becomes so powerful that a single hit will destroy your base!


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